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Why did The Weeknd song got deleted from Youtube?

Why did The Weeknd song got deleted from Youtube?
December 20
12:05 2016

Lately, The Weeknd has published his album called “Starboy” and some parts of the songs that are present in the album, have been posted by the singer in his social Medias accounts. But one of these songs, “Six Feet Under”, has been very similar to the song of Flori Mumajesi, titled “Nallane” which has been published by the Albanian singer since in the 27th of May in 2015.

This similarity has been easily captured by Flori Mumajesi and his colleges and the singer decided to share the “Six Feet Under” of the Canadian singer in his personal fan-page in Instagram,  in order to ask his fans if the music sounds familiar with the one of “Nallane” to them or not. It was easily understood by his followers that the music of both songs, especially in the beginning, was exactly the same and after some hours, it appeared that the “Six Feet Under”, the song which The Weeknd posted, was removed by the privacy authorities of Youtube channel due to copyright issues. This movement coming from the specialists of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) verified that The Weeknd had copied the music of his song from “Nallane” of Flori Mumajesi.

Furthermore, after the removal of “Six Feet Under”, also The Weeknd has personally explained to his fans that the song has been removed due to some copyright issues by commenting by his own in one his fan’s comments under the removed song in the Youtube Channel.

After the removal, “Six Feet Under” appeared again in the Youtube channel, uploaded one more time by the singer but with a different music in the beginning which does not have similarities with “Nallane” of Flori Mumajesi anymore.

Biçimim nallane 🙂

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Flori Mumajesi, born on 23 August 1982, is an established singer, songwriter, composer and producer in Albania. Even though he first debuted as a band singer with a band named “The Dreams”, he reached the peak of his career as a solo singer and as a composer of hundreds of songs of other famous Albanian artists which have participated in several festivals and have won prestigious awards with their songs directly becoming viral and part of the Albanian music culture overall. Now, Flori Mumajesi, manages his own record label, named “Threedots Production” where several famous Albanian artists have signed.

Flori Mumajesi has preferred to not only remain an R&B singer but he has experimented throughout all the time to bring different rhymes and modern genres for the Albanian public. He preferred to mix modern European beats, with folk dance motives coming from traditional Albanian music and also dance rhythm in order to receive even a broader attention. Flori Mumajesi is very listened in Balkans because the type of music that he produces is mostly suited with this part of region.

As for his achievements as a singer and composer, Flori has won several awards in “Balkan Music Awards”, “Kenga Magjike”, “Top Fest”,  “Videofest”, “Zhurma Show Awards”, etc.

Because of all this fulfilled career, Flori Mumajesi, is one of the most talked artist in the local medias and everything he does becomes directly part of the main news referring to magazines. Lately, his name has been present in all Albanian Medias and broader, because of an issue that also involve the Canadian singer, The Weeknd which has become really famous and widely adored by people all over the world.